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Malligraphy is Japanese calligraphy class Kyoto








セッションA 書道体験コース




​セッションB 見学・入場のみ




セッションC 作品依頼コース



Malligraphy(Japanese calligraphy workshop studio Kyoto) has three original sessions

​〈SessionC〉Commision request

You can request a master calligrapher to write the words you want written.

Such as Your name in "Kanji" characters,Gift for the family,Anniversary board,Interior etc...

Recommended for those in a hurry. Time taken ~30min

1.Choose word and Shikishi board

You choose your favorite Shikishi board.Shikishi board is Special paper used in creating calligraphy works.

After choosing the Shikishi board,You can a calligrapher to write the words you want them to write.The calligrapher will write the words you request in Kanji and turn them into a work of art.

There is also a package that allows you to receive both Session A and Session C .

2,Japanese naming culture

Malligraphy (Calligraphy workshop studio Kyoto) Session C,The most popular request is to write a name in Kanji charactors.So I would like to introduce you to the naming culture of Japan.

This picture on left was written at Jennifer's request.

慈(A heart that loves the weak, such as children)=”J”





In this way, when I received the request,I used Kanji with positive meanings.

In Japan, we give children names with good meanings in Kanji,hoping that their lives will be bright and prosperous.Each Kanji has a meaning.So writing your name in Kanji is meaningful.

3.Calligrapher&Lecture Marin Yano

Marin Yano is Calligrapher and Malligraphy's(Japanese calligraphy workshop studio Kyoto) Lecture.

I have 20 years of calligraphy experience.






2021年、2022年 全日本高校・大学書道展 書道展賞

Marin Yano







<SessionA >Time schedule

SessionA is main course.

You can experience Japanese calligraphy and learn about Kanji.

Time taken about 30min~60min

1,Practical exercise

You will learn the basics of Japanese calligraphy.

First, we will explaning the tools and materials used in calligraphy and overview of ''Kanji" characters. Japanese often use character is "Kanji".The characters you use in your Malligraphy(calligraphy workshop studio Kyoto) creations are "Kanji"

After a brief introduction, we will proceed to pratical exercises such as the picture on the left.

There are four types of Malligraphy exercise menus.The first is horizontal lines,the secoud is vertical lines,the third is left sweeps,the fourth is right sweeps.

There four types of exercise are the foundations of calligraphy.The exercise will help you when writing Kanji.

With Malligraphy Kyoto,you can learn important things about calligraphy in a short amount of time.


We will engage in the creation of our own works.

First,you choose your favorite Shikishi board.Shikishi board is Special paper used in creating  calligraphy works.

Malligraphy(calligraphy workshop studio kyoto) offers a wide range of designs including Shikishi board of different sizes,folding fans,cute Shikisi board,wall work,postcards,and more.It't a design that is typical of Kyoto.

Following that,you choose your favorite "Kanji" using your own creation.

The most popular Kanji is 侍(Samurai).Some people even took on more difficult challenges like  風(Wind) and 達人(Master)!

What Kanji will you challenge yourself to write?  

you can take home your art work.It will be a great souvenir from Kyoto.

3,Enjoy Japanese tea and sweets.

We provide free Japanese tea after calligraphy class.

Malligraphy (calligraphy workshop studio Kyoto)has a Japanese tea selector on staff.He is knowledgeable about Japanese tea such as Matcha,Hojicha,and green tea ,and you can choose your tea from among them.

The tea is available hot or iced.In the summer,you can cool off with some ied tea.

Experience Japanese calligraphy and tea drinking in Kyoto will be a special experience for you.

Things  to do near Malligraphy

Malligraphy (Japanese calligraphy workshop studio Kyoto) is located in a historic town.(Kyoto Gion)

There are many sightseeing spots within walking distance. Here are some recommended spots that are walking distance of Malligraphy.

Visiting Japan's historical buildings and experiencing the Japanese culture of calligraphy will surely make your trip to Kyoto more fulfilling.

1.Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine is just a 30-second walk from Malligraphy​(Japanese calligraphy workshop studio Kyoto) .

Yasaka Shrine is affectionately known as "Gion-san" by the Japanese.

You can enjoy spectacular views all year  round; cherry blossoms in the spring,the Gion Festival in the summer, autumn leaves in the fall,

and snowy scenery in the winter.

It is said that the gods of warding off evil,finding love,academic successs,bountiful harvests,safety of the home,prosperity in business,and beauty can be found here.

2.Kamogawa river

Kamogawa river is scenic spot where you can get a real feel for Kyoto and Japan.

Kamo river is 7-minute walk from Malligraphy (Japanese calligraphy

workshop studio Kyoto).

Not only can you enjoy the spectacular views at Kamo River,you can also see the crazy spectacle of couples sitting evenly spaced along the river.

3,Kiyomizu Temple

Kiyomizu Temple is 20-minute walk from Malligraphy (Japanese calligraphy workshop studio Kyoto).

Although it is a little further away than the other spots we have introduced so far,the path Malligraphy(Japanese calligraphy workshop studio Kyoto) to Kiyomizu Temple is filled with old townscapes, shop,cafes and more, making it sure to make your stroll thought Kyoto more enjoyable.

For Group customer

At Malligraphy(Japanese calligraphy workshop studio Kyoto),we also welcome group calligraphy experience.

Please contact us using the button below.

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