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Malligraphy (Japanese calligraphy workshop)

Welcome to Malligraphy

Malligraphy is Japanese Calligraphy ‘‘Shodo''workshop.




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Experience Japanese calligraphy

Calligraphy workshop

Japanese calligraphy works


Malligraphy session menu


You can try Japanese calligraphy .

Experience Japanese culture.

Session A 書道体験コース

(Experience Japanese calligraphy)

As a companion in class,etc

Only adomission 

​Session B 見学・入場のみ


You can request a master calligrapher

to write the words you want written.

Session C 作品依頼コース

(Commision request)

​Choose  from 3 sessions

【A】Experience Japanese Calligraphy

You can...​
✔Experience Japanese Calligraphy
✔Take home with your artwork

Calligrapher Marin

【Session C】Commision request

✔ Custom made by calligrapher,Marin Yano
​✔ Writting your name in "Kanji"
​✔ Displayed at home